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Podcast interview

Check out this week’s episode of Between The lines, with Randy Lacey. This week’s interview subject? Yours truly. Listen and enjoy. Excelsior!

Why it’s downhill from here for the Quebec Conservative Party

I probably shouldn’t be writing this. At all. However, since I went half-polemic on the Quebec Liberal Party in my last blog, then I ought to give as much attention to their traditional (read: pre-1936) counterparts. Some background is warranted, I fear. The present-day Quebec Conservative Party is somewhat a descendant of the original Quebec…

Why Dominique Anglade should remain leader of the Quebec Liberal Party

For any of you who know my politics, you know that I’m progressive and ecologically-minded. I also tend to be pro-youth, pro-student, and pro-First Nations. So you’ve probably realized by now that there is no love lost between myself (a former student activist) and the Quebec Liberal Party. In fact, as a federalist, I’m quite…

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