Boomerangs and Square Pegs finally published!

Yes! It’s true!

(well, on-line, at least)

But it’s a start! Yes, you can find my first novel on the Smashwords website. Just follow the link:

It’s also available via Apple, Kobo, and Nook, and through a web search. A more detailed list later.

And let me just say this: After 26 years (minus an 11-year break), I am SO relieved to have finally published this work. A little later on, perhaps in another blog post, I’ll tell you about my mostly constructive experience about Smashwords. But until then, click the link and please support independent Canadian authors!

À bientôt!

PS — For anyone who’d like a printed copy of this novel, let me know at

Published by khmcmurray

Born in a seaside town in BC and raised in the Greater Vancouver area, I started writing not long after moving to Montreal in 1987, where I've lived for the most part since. A few of my earlier poems were published in student newspapers and in an anthology in the first half of the 1990s. In 1997, I published a chapbook titled "A Visit" which was once a chapter to my upcoming novel "Boomerangs and Square Pegs" but now is a stand-alone work. "Boomerangs" is now available via Smashwords, Apple, Kobo, and via a general search. Print form is available via this website. My second novel, "Then Let's Keep Dancing", is also available on Smashwords. My third novel is due out in July 2023. Reading is an escape for me, while writing is a kind of release. Writing enables me to get things out in the open in a way that I couldn't through other media or situations. My writings deal with plausibility -- if I'd wanted to write my life story, I'd have written an autobiography, and trust me, my life just isn't *that* interesting. No, I'm more interested in the in-betweeners, the damaged goods, the beautiful losers, the broken poets, the taken-for-granteds: I consider myself among these types. When I don't write, I teach English as a second language, edit texts, and translate from French to English (and sometimes the other way around). I also get involved in social and environmental causes from time to time.

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